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Restaurant Branding - Further Research


Love the whole brand of this french restaurant called 'Cocotte'. The red and blue works well together and they have used a similar idea to what i wanted to do with the branding stamp, getting used consistently throughout the brand. This works particularly well when layered over aspects of the brand, both in print and web. 

I also like how the print and web elements work together as one and that these can be transferable. 

Japanese Restaurant

Particularly like the colour scheme of this and how it is transferred across a number of different platforms successfully. I think it's important to use distinguished colours that can be applied to a whole range of products. 

Table No 1

Again, I love the branding of Table No. 1. Its contemporary, simple, proffesional. It makes you want to dine there. Elements that I particularly like are the Stamp aspect which is reflected across the whole branding and stationary. I also like how the menu is put together. The clips that hold the paper into its protective case works really well, and the stock choice is really important to make the brand work in the context of the restaraunt. I also like how to the qualities of the interior is brought though in the choice of stock. 


Clipboards are also something that work well aesthetically with the branding of a restaraunt. This is demonstrated well though the branding of this restaurant, Ruaa. Earthy tones are used again in this branding, just like the Table No 1. It seems to be a popular choice, but I don't want my branding to be another copy of this, I want it to be unique in it's own right. 

La Canya

Really like the stamped logo used throughout this branding. Simple black on brown paper stock. Works really well. 


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