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Asda Pain Relief

The design is pretty horrible on this but I suppose it does the job. The main this I can take away is the clean type that has to readable and legible in order for it to function as well as the brail that you can see raised across the front of the packet. 

The back again isn't great design wise but contains important information about the dosage, the product and ingreadients. This needs to be included on the packaging for medicine, or to make the perfume look legitimate at least. 

Moving onto the inner packet, the type again contains important information about what the tablets are as well as how to take them. The pattern is always repeated because parts get destroyed when a tablet is popped out and the material is ripped. Something to take on board. 

The information leaflet contains again further information about the product and how to take it. This is something that could enhance our tablets by making them look more legitimate.


The packaging design is better. The illustration helps demonstrate the product and the brand has a clean colour scheme and logo. Again, the embossed braille has been used for blind people. A common occurrence on pharmaceutical packaging. Something I'll consider.

The tablets contains numbers and so does the packaging. Little touched like this make the products seem more legit.

Again, numbers and logo's used on the tablets. 

The repeat pattern on the back of the packet is used again, this time on a diagonal which is a ore common occurrence than straight across.


Again, the box uses braille embossed. This packaging looks much more medical than the over the counter ones.

Unusual packaging, which leaves more room around each separate tablet. The material is more flexible than the standard blister pack. The type is still printed diagonally across. Quite a unique and interesting way of packaging the tablets.

Common things included on information leaflet is borders and barcodes. They are generally folded into long thin strips too so they can be folded around the tablets. 


Smaller packet from Rennies so you can take it on the move with you which could be something to consider. This time the tablets are packaged in smaller blister packs of 6. 

Vintage Strepsils Tin

This vintage strepsils tin is something that I picked up a couple of years ago because I love the simplicity and design of it, and also the colour scheme. 

Design Practice 2 - What Is Good - Neon Pink in Design

I decided that I wanted to use some bright neon colours within my work to help the festival stand out and to give it a solid identity through the use of two consistent colours. I chose pink (this isn't set in stone) because it's something a little bit different to the norm which will keep it fresh. It's easy to match the colour along a range of products, because neon pink is often one set colours.  Pink and black also represents some old punk scenes in Britain, which much like the 'mod' logo, is influential across a lot of British Independent Film. 

Posters / Publications

Also looking at how the illumines pink can transfer across web and print. Websites look aesthetically pleasing when the black white and pink is used. 

Looking at how pink and black can be used across printed material and publications. A Spot colour can be used to make the ink really pop. Screen print methods can also be used as well as using flourescent pink as the stock, and printing black on top of this. 

Using paper craft to enhance the promotion of the festival on a smaller and inexpensive scale. A combination of neon pink and black is used strongly here. 

Paint Party

paint party to promote the festival? Starting to think outside the box a little bit, emphasising the identity of the festival and promoting it through unusual events that are something a little bit different which would leave a lasting impression. 


 Starting to collect imagery that could be representative on the interior and exteriors of the exhibition. I want the colour to become and integral part of the identity, so this would work if taken to the complete extremes. 

Using a projector and neon tape to create the 3D wall murals as an installation, but also part of the exhibition/festival.

Richard Mosse

I was really impressed by Richard Mosse's 'Infra' series of photographs that I came across. He shoots using Infra-Red film to create these vibrant pink sections within imagery. The photographs were set in 
North Kivu, Eastern Congo, 2011. I invision the festival to be this bright on a smaller scale but made in real life. This is something that would be on a large scale which is probably impossible to recreate in a studio environment, but the idea is there.

I could propose this through digital mock-ups and research.


I looked in to some products that might relate to my chosen theme that I could think about purchasing. I can use neon pink stock to print with, paint and UV Paint for 'glow in the dark effects' , tape to crate the 3D mural... 

Floursent Gaffa Tape. This can be used to create the wall mural as well as display purposes. 

Lanyard. Can be used for entry and ID cards to the festival. 

Pink Fluorescent stock can be used to print onto for promotion. 

Glow in the Dark Paint

Glow in the Dark and Fluorescent Spray Paint and Screen Printing Ink. 

Neon Pink. 

Fluorescent Pink (Glow in the Dark)

Glow in the Dark Screenprint Paint


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