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Mutton Quad - Menu / Receipt / Stationary Research

I've been researching a few different ways that I can present my menu. This would be an important aspect of the whole identity of the restaurant and is one of the most important things to look right to get customers to order. I considered different material to print on? antique stock, coloured stock, plastic or even wood and hand painting. I also looked at different binding methods. 

I particularly like the idea of having a clipboard with loose page leaves or using the metal binding technique to bring the whole thing together. 


Metal Binding?

Stock Consideration?


Thinking about how it can transfer to a wall? or interact with the interior in a more distinguished way than just a printed menu that you hold. 

Different Methods - Thinking outside of the box. The possibility of creating something more physical or a different format. This could be a paper bag or something else. 

Cardboard or different Print Methods. Screen printed onto cardboard or unusual stock. Maybe even laser cutting the menu onto wood?

Cinema Style Board - with pins?

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