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When researching Kessels, i knew for one of my posters i wanted to experiment with photography as he uses a lot of image and type layering in his work. I started to look into basic rain photography to see what i could find and just get a general idea.

I had the initial idea of taking a photo of raindrops on a window, or of heavy rainfall outside and blurring them as the background. Then adding and layer my text over the top. Something that could work successfully if i executed it right, and manage to take the correct photographs.

These are just some initial images found on google...

Rain on a window pane...

Warped Reflections? Warped Text?

I dont particularly like this image but i do like the concept of having a out of focus figure or subject behind the rain on a window pane...

Steamed up windows...

Possible couples walking together/matching umbrellas?

People in rain. 

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