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I decided to look further into the work of Erik Kessel to see what style i should be going for. It looks to be lot's of helvetica...

'a new kilo' is the poster that has been sent to us for the brief. It is lowercase Helvetica on fluorescent green paper. 

I love the zines and publications he creates. Again, here there is lots of bold type used. Variations on layout of type. Experimental photography and layering photos with type. Almost collage like. Something i will think about when creating my posters. 

He's also done some more experimental work in the past. This is an installation he created which consisted of a room full of postcards. 

I did'nt know that he created the 'I amsterdam' sculpture. This is again lowercase Helvetica in all its glory, made massive!

This is an interesting interview with Kessels. He seems to be a bit of a joker and most of this interview is sarcastic which makes me wonder why the brief says not to be sarcastic about the rain in UK...

Some more work that i found on his website that caught my eye. I really like his clean cut and minimalist approach to design. All of his work is sleek and proffesional and that is also something i want to achieve with my posters. Here are some that inspired me...

Here is some Info/Contacts...

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