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Vet Business Cards Ect...

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I like the design of this. The green and blue colours are relevant and work well in this case. The logo is quirky of the sausage dog and also relevant because of the cross inside it. Clean and very professional looking business card. 

I would more likely to be going for a design like this much more than the mainstream pet insurance tacky designs. 

Really like this design. The green representing the medical side of it. The design is sleek, clean cut, professional  looking and works much better than the others. 

Source // Inked

Again the brochure is pretty professional looking. I'm not mad on the cheesy photographs and the blue gradient but i do like the simple pictograms used in this one, much like the idea i will be going for.

Source // Inkd

Much like the business card, professional clean cut design. Really like this one. 


Source // Inkd

Love this design. Much more contemporary design to the last. Nice colours used. silhouettes of animals working well. Simple clean shapes and a bit of texture. 

Source // MOO

I LOVE these ones. simple outlines of the animals. relevant turquoise blue colour works well. simple font, professional composition. 

Source // MOO


Again i really love this design, sticking with the simple pictograms silhouette illustrations but making it a little bit more quirky with the thought bubbles and the thougths of the animal themselves. 

Source // MOO
Again, really clever and contemporary design for a dog walkers company. I really like this one aswell.

Source // MOO

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