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I thought it would be wise of me, before creating my work, to have a look at some existing advertising for pet insurance/chipped. I gathered that a lot of the stuff i find would be tacky stuff but, even though, its worthwhile to look at some of it to get an understanding.

Source // Joanne Shum

quite quirky advertisement for sainsburys pet insurance.  

Source // F G D

Tesco Pet club also uses silhouette like illustrations on the images near the bottom of the page as well as the paw print for the logo. I like the silhouettes but i think the logo and the general type as well as the composition is horrible. 

Compare Pet Care website. Logo is recognisable which works well. colours are bold but not something i would go with, they're a bit garish. Other than that, compositionally everything is placed well and easy to read, also quite professional looking. 

Source // Vets Medi Care

Again, not the best design. Logo works really well on this one though, and the light blue colour represents a vet more i'd say than the other colours. Just because of the uniform. 

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