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After researching around the internet for large companies that sell microchipping in pets, I came across this company  ''.

 I thought that this would be a legitimate company for me to base my product promotion around. I could source the information form here so that it is relevant and so that i'm creating my piece for a purpose rather than something made up that isn't serving a real purpose. 

I decided to have a browse through this website as well as some other websites such as wikipedia to find out what microchipping is in more depth and to get some information i could include in my flyer/ leaflet. 


microchip implant is an identifying integrated circuit placed under the skin of a dogcathorseparrot or other animal. The chips are about the size of a large grain of rice and are based on a passive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology.
The use of externally attached microchip devices such as RFID ear tags (piercings rather than implants) is another, related method commonly used for identifying farm and ranch animals other than horses. In some cases the external microchips may be readable on the same scanner as the implanted style. 



Lower costs for you, greater service to your customers

Pet Protect is known amongst vet professionals for providing comprehensive lifelong pet insurance for more than 25 years. Pet Protect is now expanding its business to offer low cost microchips and a lost pet recovery service. This will provide outstanding value to you and your customers alike.

Discounted microchip price if you register pets online

Price as low as £3.50 per unit.* Usual price: £5.25 for paper/fax registration. Prices include standard 3-5 days delivery. Next day delivery is available upon request. VAT not included.

Greater lost pet recovery service to satisfy your customers

  • DirectConnect: we connect the finder of a lost pet and the owner on the phone for easier, faster reunification.
  • Free collar tag with microchip ID and reunification telephone number included with each chip.
  • Pet reunification service lines open 24/7/365.
  • Ongoing data checks and yearly reminders for customers to update their contact details (essential to successful pet recovery).
  • Chips are registered with your organisation’s details to maximise chances of reunification (Backtrack).
  • Free registration, online or via carbon copy registration forms.

Easy, safe and painless microchip, injector and registration

  • ISO 11784/85 certified microchip readable by any universal scanner.
  • Chip that reduces the chance of migration.
  • Sterilisation indicator and expiry date for each chip for safe implantation.
  • Ergonomic, disposable injector with injection completed click for safety.
  • Extra-sharp needle for easier implantation.
  • 6 adhesive barcode labels.
  • Free microchip marketing materials for your practice: get more pets microchipped.

Diagram on the Microchipping website to show how the process works. I could create something like this if relevant to show the customer how it works. 

More info including pricing and the pet protect logo. 


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