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Task Three - Modernism/Postmodernism

Modernism - Hermann Eidenbenz - Grafa International Poster - 1936

I have chose this piece because i like the idea of collaging photographs with illustrations. The minimalistic design works well and the sans serif font would be an obvious choice to accompany this, and also reflects modernist design of this time. I like the geometric imagery on the piece and feel that this style of design is almost timeless. It still looks innovative and in place with other pieces of design today. 

Post- Modernism - Jamie Reid - God Save The Queen - 1977

The 'Sex Pistols' piece by Jamie Reid is an all time classic and the defines the whole idea of his collages defining the visuals of the british punk scene around that time. A sense of rebelling shows through in this image, ripping the eyes of the queen out to be replaced by these newspaper cuttings of letters, much like a ransom note. The black and white image of the queen sort of resembles a mugshot - The image is iconic still today and i like the idea of keeping design appropriate to the time, in this case using it as a voice to protest against the events happening at the time and to fit well with the punk movement and the 'sex pistols' lyrics. This piece really did rip up the rulebook and caused quite a controversy at the time and i think that is what makes it such an iconic image that is still showcased around the world today. 

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