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I collected some Testers and Stock which you test perfume on by visiting a big department store in Leeds. Here is what I found and my opinion on what works well and what doesn't. This will give me good inspiration and an idea when it comes to creating my own:-


Hermes had teo seperate tester stocks for different fragrences. One had a fold in to create a small booklet. On the outside was the gold foiling lettering and on the inside the logo embossed. This is cost effective saving on ink and also adds a touch of class and elegance. This felt expensive when i grabbed it. 

Salvatore  Ferragamo

The Salvatore Ferragamo stock was nice enough but had no reall quality when plkaced next to the others. Just digtal print on some nice white stock. That's it really. 

They did have a tester however, which you could take away with you. I liked the idea of this because it's a great way to get people to wear your fragrance out and about. The little solid glass bottle had the logo printed onto it which was a neat touch and the booklet which held it was interestedly put together, holding the bottle with just folds which is clever. 

Jimmy Choo

Aimed at women. Pink stock with silver foiling. Again adds a little touch of class to the tag.


The Chanel was probably my favourite. They had been both die cut and embossed. This saves on cost because there is no printed but makes it look just as classy as all the others, if not more. 

Dolce & Gabbana 

Not really my thing this but can see why women would be attracted to this. Gold foil on black adds class and the die cut is another process used to make it stand out, shaped like the bottle itself. 

Another interesting execution. This appears to be a label tag for clothing but is used for testers. this is good because it will soak in the perfume leaving a lasting scent and is something a little bit different to all the others. 

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