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OUGD505 - What Is Good - Hyde Park Picture House Branding

I recently visited the Hyde Park Picture House and really enjoyed their branding. I feel that they have the correct mix of new and old to appeal to a much more younger demographic, whilst still not straying too far for the heritage and traditions of the cinema. This is different to what I would want to create but it is still dealing with Film and more importantly, British Independent Film.

The Branding is sleek, contemporary and new while the building is old and unchanged. I think this mix is the prefect balance. I collected the programme for January- March and photographed it to show an example of their brand.

They use a very strict colour scheme of just 3 colours. Black, White and Yellow. I think this really works for their brand as it gives them an identity instead of just a logo. This means that when these colours are seen in and around Leeds, it is instantly recognisable to The Hyde Park Picture House, which is good. 

You can see how the three colour are used for different spreads in the publication and how they can be used in reverse to create a completely different DPS whilst still sticking to the colour scheme.

I also really like the grid used throughout the publication. Easy to read, legible, whilst also being interesting enough to not bore the user. The long strips of images fit proportionately into the grid and the image to body copy ratio is also well considered to create a nice balance. 

The brand / identity is carried on throughout their web presence. You can also from this, get and idea of where the colour scheme has come from. If you look at the top banner, it is styled like a roll of Kodak Film, which is of course Black with yellow type along the edges. 

This backs up their reasoning for using these colours throughout the whole brand, and it works!

The website is easy to navigate, all the type is easily readable and legible. The icons are in yellow to make it easier to spot different pages and links out. The typeface used is contemporary, sans serif,  which modernises the traditional brand slightly. 

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