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Asda Pain Relief

The design is pretty horrible on this but I suppose it does the job. The main this I can take away is the clean type that has to readable and legible in order for it to function as well as the brail that you can see raised across the front of the packet. 

The back again isn't great design wise but contains important information about the dosage, the product and ingreadients. This needs to be included on the packaging for medicine, or to make the perfume look legitimate at least. 

Moving onto the inner packet, the type again contains important information about what the tablets are as well as how to take them. The pattern is always repeated because parts get destroyed when a tablet is popped out and the material is ripped. Something to take on board. 

The information leaflet contains again further information about the product and how to take it. This is something that could enhance our tablets by making them look more legitimate.


The packaging design is better. The illustration helps demonstrate the product and the brand has a clean colour scheme and logo. Again, the embossed braille has been used for blind people. A common occurrence on pharmaceutical packaging. Something I'll consider.

The tablets contains numbers and so does the packaging. Little touched like this make the products seem more legit.

Again, numbers and logo's used on the tablets. 

The repeat pattern on the back of the packet is used again, this time on a diagonal which is a ore common occurrence than straight across.


Again, the box uses braille embossed. This packaging looks much more medical than the over the counter ones.

Unusual packaging, which leaves more room around each separate tablet. The material is more flexible than the standard blister pack. The type is still printed diagonally across. Quite a unique and interesting way of packaging the tablets.

Common things included on information leaflet is borders and barcodes. They are generally folded into long thin strips too so they can be folded around the tablets. 


Smaller packet from Rennies so you can take it on the move with you which could be something to consider. This time the tablets are packaged in smaller blister packs of 6. 

Vintage Strepsils Tin

This vintage strepsils tin is something that I picked up a couple of years ago because I love the simplicity and design of it, and also the colour scheme. 

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