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We want our branding to be associated around the chemical make-up, so I decided to look more into hormone and dna structure visually to see if this could  be incorporated in any way.

Here are some basic chemical structures. They are interesting in a way, and I can see where I could work with these to create some nice branding for the packaging. This could either be applied to the Brand logo, or used for each separate perfume bottle depending on how far I take the idea on in my development. 

Logo Inspiration

Here is some more various inspiration for logos. I want to focus on the octagon shape that is found is chemical structures or circles, because these are often also associated with medicine and pakcaging. Here are just some logo's surrounding these that I have found as inspiration. 

This logo is quite abstract but takes on the hexagon shape which is relevant. I need to try and come up with a way of incorporating this shape with a modern twist like this above. 

I also really like this set of minimalist publication covers. These almost look like patterns that might be found in a medical Petra dish which is intersting. These are all made out of simple circle and you can see how this is applied in numerous different ways to get across different meanings. I really like this idea, something I could use as influence when thinking about applying circles to my brand. 

This is again a seection of printed materials. I'm not sure what this is for because I found it on a blog, but what i'm really interested in is the pattern and different coloured circles of colours an sizes. I think together this works as a set but also individually and are very minimalist but effective. 

The 'Infinity' logo is something else that I have been considering using within the Brand. The Scents could symbolise infinity because of the medical concept making you 'live forever' in a conceptual aspect. 

Other various logos that have caught my eye, either using bold clean lines to help a brand stand out or creating an aire of mystery around the brand, possibly including photography?

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