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I have chosen to go with a newspaper for my final publication. The main reasons for this is that it will work well with my very modernist layout but also keep things quite contemporary.

I started to think about how architects would like to read the magazine, and originally though about creating the book in a style of blueprints that come folded up inside a folder. Then i realised that this would be too difficult and awkward for the user to navigate around it and also, I'm not really designing this for Architects. they could be just a small section of my target audience.

By creating a newspaper, I still maintain the original concept of having large sheets like that of what an architect would design on, but it also accessible and in a format that would be relevant to the theme of the publication while also being relevant to todays audience. A newspaper is a format that is instantly recognisable but by making my content more contemporary and not something you would find normally in a newspaper, this makes it a little bit different and innovative.

Newspaper Club

 A really good company I have used before to achieve a professional final product. They print great looking and quality newspapers using industrial machines. 

I'm hoping the half-tone i have used will come out okay, so it's a bit of a game but it should work really well for this particular subject. 

As I had already put together my publication in Indesign, it was so easy for me to change the margins and bleed lines to suit the specifications of Newspaper Club. I sent a hi-res PDF for them to print. 

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