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Kurt Mitchell - Tattoo Artist

Kurt Mitchell - Tattoo Artist - Branding 

I am currently in the idea stages of branding for a friend of mine, tattoo artist, Kurt Mitchell. 

- I hope to create a logo, business card, letterhead and general branding.

- A Wesbite that hosts his work and C.V.

- A hard-copy and digital portfoilio that hosts his work

Initial Research...

Matthew The Horse

I'm thinking more traditional branding like the research below but i really like these illustrated items y Matthew The Horse. Something to think about when designing, including tattoo flash of items.

some items, lighter, old pipe, tobbaco pounch/tin, knives?, matches, camera

Fast Eddies Barber Shop - Branding

Avenue Tattoo Shop - Branding

Sailor Jerry's Branding

I want to keep the style very traditional but also add a contemporary twist. 

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