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I have been looking at some other Big Cartel Recycling shops online just to get a feel to see what else is currently on the market in that field...

Uncommonly Beautiful Recycled Accessories.

mainly sell recycled accesories. Earings, Necklaces etc. Their design looks like it needs a bit of a re-vamp, looks to be cliche vintage look that was popular a couple of years ago. Seems to be all made by one person though, so has the personal feel. I think our design needs to look a little bit more professional while still maintaining the 'Handmade' approach to get more customers. 

(Recycled Craft Workshop)

More contemporary design, they look to be a little bit more professional than the last, but still have this handmade approach to their brand. The big button logo and curved san serif font matched with the pink background appeals mainly to girls i think, and looks like a friendly and approachable brand to buy from. 

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