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OUGD406 // Communication Is A Virus // Juice Carton Research

As we are focussing more on the juice cartons i decided to research further into that, putting the focus on this...

We needed to learn how to make them, so i looked at some tutorials for different versions online...

For A Wallet with Lid

Step 1 - disasemble

Step 2 - cut along the dotted lines and cut the bottom off, so you have this shape.

Step 3 - Mark off where the side pleats are going to be. 

Step 4 - Fold Them in a consitina fashion. 

Step 5 - Take the font part you cut off. Cut it to around 4 inches. fold in the middle with a 1 cm gap (2 Folds)

Step 6 - Glue the side parts and stick them to the part youve just made like so. 

Step 7 - Mark the hole where the part comes down to the lid and cut that out. 

TA-DA! screw the lid on to fasten it!

For a Regular Carton. Wallet Sticks with button or velcro

Step 1 - Flatten carton and cut off the ends.

Step 2  - divide into tree parts using a ruler and pencil.

Step 3  - On the first one-third of the juice carton, cut up the juice carton's sides and back. You have a strip which will close the coin purse.

To obtain the extendible gussets, fold inside the juice carton's sides.

Step 4 - Fold into three parts.

Step 5 - Line with electrical tape.

Step 6. - Put abit of velcro, press stud or button tie on there to fasten. 

Tetrapack (milk carton) Wallet 

Step 1 - Flatten and cut out like so. 

Step 2 - Fold in half and cut the slits in to hold credit cards here. 

Step 3 - Cut off the bottom flaps so it looks like this. 

Step 4 

Fold the front pockets up to the finished position, to form two inside pockets and a long section for notes. [see first and second pictures]

The flaps with diagonal cut will need to be folded under the long seam flap in the note section. You may need to bend the wallet slightly to make this happen. [see picture three]

Some edges may also need to be trimmed so that the wallet can fold easier. When doing this only cut about 1mm at a time so that you do not cut too much off. Re crease the wallet in finished state to make it flatter.

Fold the wallet into the closed position. 


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