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FieldCandy Tents

We came across this brand of tents called Fieldcandy. We really liked the way they was different and went around branding a tent. They use photographs on their tents to make them stand out and they harge well over the price of a regular tent. The classic look of their branding works really well with the small white box logo in the left hand side of the tent. 

Really like the style of the tents and how they go about promoting them. the photographs of the tents in context look amazing and would make anyone desire to have one...

I really like the layout of the website too, its sleek and classy. The triangle with the image in that fold out to images of the tent is a really good idea, and makes for this really proffesional slick deisign. 

The design is carried through the entire website and that is something that we will be looking to do when creating ours. Create a sleek branding that flows through the entire website and product range. 

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