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The top 10 reasons why rain is good

1. Free car washes every day.

2. If you dig a big hole in your backyard, you can get a free swimming pool.

3. We will not have a drought anytime soon.

4. You have less of a risk of getting skin cancer.

5. If you are ever thirsty, just stick out your tongue (free refills, too).

6. Gives you more opportunities to go see that movie that you’ve wanted to see and buy those clothes or shoes that you’ve been eyeing.

7. No need to water grass or garden.

8. Save money on electricity such as air conditioning and fans.

9. Pale is the new tan — your pale skin will bring out the color of your clothes, hair and eyes.

10. It makes you appreciate the sunny days that we get and makes them more enjoyable!

Source // Wicked Local

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