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Proverbally Yours - Mailing List Research

I was struggling on the mailing list slightly just to how to present. I knew i had to keep it really professional, legible, simple and easy to read but wasn't sure on the spacers, dividers and logos etc so had a browse around for some inspiration...

Image Source  INKD

This is a letterhead for a nutritionalist. Its basic. uses nice pastel colours. It has the logo at the top with a nice open space for the information to go. This one also includes a border around the whole thing and some more logos at the bottom. Works really well, is quite quirky but also proffesional. I would like to go for something a little more minimalist and clean cut but do like this idea. 

Image Source INKD

I love this one. It is much better than the last one. The logo is really suitable for the company. The light blue stock also works with this and the simple text at the bottom and dividers across the page make this mailing list look really professional. 


Another neat, professional looking mailing list/letterhead for a law business. I'm liking the simple colours used and how the blocks come out from the right hand side top and bottom. A nice contemporary professional look to the document. 

All Images Sources at INKD

After looking at a few different design for these letterhead/mailing list kind of a4 documents, i have come to the conclusion that simpler works better in my opinion. 

I like the idea of including the logo at the top and maybe at the bottom. However, overall i want to keep my design pretty simple, not too fussy. I will be using my two colours to include, spacers and line dividers throughout my mailing list. I think i will keep the large majority of the middle section open for all the addresses to fit into. I will use the top and bottom for logos and light decoration. 

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