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Proverbally Yours - Envelope Research

While i was browsing across this website, i also decided to have a look at some envelope design. I want to make sure all my components for this brief tie in well together.

I really like the idea of the imagery or text overlapping the sides or corners of the envelope and maybe onto the back. This could fit in quite well with my idea of having a dog lead and the customer following the lead around the envelope until they find what is inside. GREAT IDEA!

Simple combination. Logo in the top corner, address in the middle. Probably the most basic of envelope layouts but also one of the most effective. The quickest way to get your message across and also neat and professional.

This envelope uses a bigger bolder logo, making the business presence more know straight away. This is a good idea because it makes the envelop recognisable from a distance and also really stands out as appose to just a regular plain envelope with a bit or writing on it. 

I like the idea of containing imagery on the envelope. This one works well. It's a good way to keep the viewers interested and maybe make them looks at this particular envelope over a different one. 

I really like the design on this envelope in particular. Its quite abstract in the shapes and patterns used across the envelope, but also quite subtle at the same time, using different shades and tones of the same colour. 

I also wanted to look at the seal types of an envelope. I was thinking of keeping it simple just with the classic lick and stick down but i though i would have a look into some of the different methods before settling on an final idea. 


Source // S D DIRECT


Source // CLASSIC S
I'l probably stick with the simple stick down technique. I don't want to go over the top when it is really not necessary for what i am creating. 

I also had a quick look at types of envelopes. I had the idea of having a landscape envelope because i thought it would work better for my booklet but i had a look at some different types and the meanings/reasons behind them/why they are used...

Pocket Envelopes

With pocket envelopes, the opening flap is positioned on the short edge which is what defines the envelope as a pocket. These envelopes are commonly used in all applications.
Pocket Envelope Diagram

Wallet Envelopes

The wallet envelope normally has a trapezium shaped flap which is suitable for automatic mailing machines and can come in straight or slightly curved variations.
Wallet Envelope Diagram

Banker Envelopes

The banker envelope has a triangular flap which is traditionally used in the greeting card industry and for personal use note/letter paper and cards. They can often be referred to Greeting Card or Invitation Envelopes which you may have heard of.
Banker Envelope Diagram

After further reseach, my idea is to go with the standard 'WALLET' envelope. 

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