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Alphabet Soup - Illustrator Workshop - Typeface Research

As my word is stretch, i wanted to look at some other existing typefaces that might come under this bracket. Even though i have a basic idea in my head of what i want the final typeface to look like and white letterform i will be basing it off, i wanted to get some more influence of a whole typeface and how it should work together, to make sure i don't make any mistakes...

Source // FLICKR

This font looks stretched, not in the same way i will be going for but i really like the idea. It has long exaggerated features of the type 

Type with a bit of a 3d depth to it, sort of like the style i want to go for. The same concept anyway.

I had a look through some fonts across the web to see if anything like the idea i have has been done before. I came across some that have a similar concept...

As you can see some of these fonts have a similar idea to the letterform i have already created of the stretched 'T'. I think the angle of the font named 'CubeFont' is the best attempt at this style. The angle is similar to what i will be doing. I also like the texture and half tones used in this particular font. very successful . 

Some 3D 'Inspiration, Technique, Great Design' Type I found in one of my back catalogues of Computer Arts Magazine.

3D Bulb Text found on WLT

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