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COP3 - Practical - Sub-Logos


As well as the core brand, it was important to create a series of sub-logos which fit into the same template but represent each individual element within the Greenpeace Brand. This way, this was create a system for each party within the brand, meaning that it all works together as one whole, which in turn will strengthen the whole brand. 

Protecting Forests

Using similar Basic Shapes as the original diamond enclosed with the circle, a series of further logos were created which were relevant to that particular section of the organisation. The first one is a simplified symbol of a tree, symbolising the efforts to Protect forests.

Further Application

You can see how this has been further applied to the other logos. From Top to Bottom;
Eliminating Toxins , Battling Climate Change, Saving the Arctic and Defending Oceans. 


I started applying the logo on top of imagery within the chosen colour scheme, just to get a clearer idea of how the brand might work. 

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