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COP3 - Practical - Brand Logo Breakdown

Positive / Negative

The positive and Negative versions of the logo show the many ways in which it can be used with a colour surrounding the shape and also as a stand alone logo with a fill and with a stroke. The top image shows t he type alone, which can work as a Sub-logo of Greenpeace, then below this is the lock-up sub logo which combines the text and symbol.

Primary Logo Usage

The usage of the primary logo shows how the brand can be applied with colour and also as a stand alone logo. This will be used within the brand guidelines under correct usage so that all further design and application can run from this. 

Logo Mis-use

Similarly, the don'ts need to be highlighted within the brand guidelines to prevent any mis-use of the logo which is important. 

Repetition of Logo

Another thing which was integral to the brand was the logo repition. By this, what I mean is that people should be able to re-create the logo at the most basic of forms. to test this, I took a small group of peers and decided to see if they could re-create the logo. I shown them a printed version of the logo to try and re-create by hand. The responses are all different obviously, but the fact that the logo is recognisable to the original is every one too means that this is important and working. 

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