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COP3 - Practical - Protest Placards

Protest Placards 

The Protest Placards will be standardised and given out to the masses in abundance. This will help keep a solid and structured brand image wherever the brand is seen, and on any occasion. A standardised template will be created using the corperate typeface and a system which works in multiple languages, systematically as you can see in the diagram above 

British, Russian & Chinese examples 

Brand Structure 

The structured brand system will be laid on the following way;

The primary emblem will be anchored to the bottom left hand corner of the sign and the brand will be anchored to the bottom right hand corner. The text will use the corperate typeface and will always be right aligned to the top left hand corner. Again, this will re-inforce the brand, making the image and logo clear to see. The system will be applied globally, like the brand, in every language.

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