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COP3 - Practical - Stationary


The Stationary was important to core of the brand, but was also probably the most straight-forward design elements to create. I tried to keep the colour scheme prominent, whilst also keeping the look professional and consistent.

Stationary Collection 01 

A collection of stationary ranging form the standard business cards and Iphone Mock-up down to notebooks, brand guidelines book and Mug. If the stationary was created in this way then it would give an edge of quality and professionalism to the brand. The colour being at the core. It brings something that is quite DIY, with protests and free-spiritness to something corporate, with a integrated system, which is ready to grow into global success. 

Basic Stationary 

The basic functioning stationary will have to be in the form of business cards, letterheads, envelopes, compact disks and digital variations. 

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