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COP3 - Practical - Copy


I've been working on an idea where the actual copy links in with the logo and icon of the brand. I feel that when text is used alone, it is so powerful and to the point that trying to incorporate the brand image just using the icon and the colour within the copy would be a great idea for Propaganda.

You can see from the initial example above how I've tried to start o apply this idea. The 'O' in this simple phrase becomes part of the quote and this is how the brand can be tied to type alone!


I've tried to start to apply it again here and this phrase and colour scheme could be used with dramatic imagery in order to give shock factor whilst also concreting the brand. 

Further Development 

These further example start to show how I can tie it to the idea of showing the leader of Greenpeace in this light, and also tie it to other quotes that might be applied throughout the propaganda. 

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