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Kumi Naidoo (Leader)

Kumi Naidoo  is a South African human rights activist and the International Executive Director of international environmentalist group Greenpeace. The idea from the brief and the previosu theoretical research is to paint the leader out to be a god-like figure to the masses which in turn will instill them with a sense of power.

A strong brand campaign needs a strong leader and a friendly face to put on a sometimes ‘inhumane’ company. Kumi Naidoo is the CEO of Greenpeace and he’s the ultimate charasmatic leader. He conducts the followers, but he also puts a friendly face on Greenpeace. He is a dominant force, and the Saviour of World Peace, simultaneously.


You can see from the image up top that I'm trying to blend this image of the leader being powerful and strong with the brand colours in a 'Propaganda' forceful way which will help get the message across. This could be achieved by using Black and White imagery overlaid on top of the brand colour scheme, which will be bold, with the incorporation of type. 

You can start to see a pattern emerge from the 'Strong' image above. The bold typography and colour scheme works with the black and white photographic imagery in order to bring forward some pretty striking visuals. 


You can see in the four images above how the idea is starting to progress into a system that all propaganda and imagery can be built upon. The colour scheme means that the brand is instantly recognisable, even when working with different kinds of imagery, be that photography based or more illustration based. 

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