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COP 3 - Practical - Typography / Brand Development


The typography is very important to the bran . i tis listed in the brief that the brand needs to be universal in the fact that the whole world will understand it. For this reason alone, the logical sense would be use a typeface that is universally accepted, as many large corporations do so. The obvious choice would be Helvetica, as this has different language variants to and extent.

Chinese / Japanese / Arabic 

When working with Eastern Languages, this is a lot harder to maintain a universal look, for this I will be using 'Arial Unicode' which is much like Helvetica, obviously as Arial is, but has sub-typefaces which convert into these three languages which is important for the brand. You can see from the images above how this works with the logo and that the brand still remains consistently the same.


As you can see from the logo's above, using a mixture of helvetica and Arial Unicode means that the logo is consistent no matter where the brand is propagated around the country. This will help in trying to create a sort of Global dominant force through the brand.


You can see now within the brand that a series of Sub-logos have been created for the different languages in which Greenpeace will operate. Stargin with English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew and Arabic 

Bold / Light Variations

A combination of Bold and Light Helvetica will make up the core typography for the brand withe the occasional use of Regular weight.

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