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COP3 - Practical - Brand Development

Technically Accurate 

Now that the logo had been determined, It was important to get a clearer rendition of it mathematically so that I knew it was technically correct when used at any possible scale. The width of the central diamond shape is slightly wider than the outer circle and you can see this with the grid behind the logo. 6 vertical widths of the outer circle across and the wider central diamond shape fits directly into two widths of the inner vertical rectangles. This sounds confusing but the diagram shows how this works effeciently. 


It was important to have variants and sub-logos of the primary logo. The primary logo is the shape that sits alone . The secondary logo will contain the word 'Greenpeace' firstly underneath the circular shape. this will always be in proportion with the shapes itself. You can see this working in the green and white inverted colours in the images above. 

Secondary Logo

This grid behind the secondary logo helps show how the text is in proportion with the primary logo size-wise. This will remain consistent and will be part of the brand guidelines. 

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