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COP 3 - Practical - Logo Development


The concept behind the logo is that it needed to have religious qualities to it. After my initial research, i decided that I wanted to go with some elements from 'The Sacred Yantra' which symbolised peace in buddhism. The reason for this was obviously linked to the ethos of the company green'PEACE', but also because it was quite striking visually and would stand out this way, in the way the Swastika does or in fact the McDonalds 'M'. I started playing around with some variations of this symbol to see was was the most striking. Here are some early attempts;

I initially started playing around with the four bars on the symbol of the yantra. I felt that visually this was quite strong although it didn't really have a lot of meaning behind it. I wanted it to look very religious in order to grab attention and give cult-like qualities to the organisation, which this doesn't so much.

I started playing with more religious looking shapes. It was important that the icon was simplistic because it need to be able to be recreated at the very basic of levels, say hand-drawn. In this sense, this symbol look religious and is easily repeatable, but it looks to much like christianity, and starting to look a bit 'trendy'. 

The moon shape is used in a lot of religious imagery which means that the logo is started to look more that way. The diamond is a symbol which is within the original 'sacred yantra' symbol so that would be appropriate. However, This logo along with the colour scheme is starting to look the flag of Pakistan too, which means that this idea cannot be progressed.

This logo is starting to combine the four vertical bars with a horizontal shape which is starting to bring the 'cross' shape into the picture. Not sure about this logo though, it doesn't really look religious enough, or striking enough as a single emblem. 

Starting to like the look of this now, It looks a lot more professional and also is beginning to have religious qualities to it which is good. The double diamond is starting look like the hamburg football crest though which is something that would be a problem. I think it's quite striking as an emblem though which is probably the most important element. 

When applying this into a box / flag shape, you can start to see how it might come together. The diamond works a lot better inside the circle, but I don't want to be replicating the design elements of the swastika too much, I just want to use the same techniques. I like the top image within the flag, but I think this shape and layout is starting to resemble the swastika flag too much . 

Using the circle between from the previous images and replacing the outer diamond shape with this gives an interesting result. I haven't seen this particular shape before which is good, it makes it unique to this movement. The element of the diamond is borrowed from previous religious imagery, "the sacred yantra" which again brings a very religious look to the cult-like image of the group which is perfect for what we want. Because of the name, I feel that it was important to keep green the main colour within the brand. 

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