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COP3 - Practical - Greenpeace Re-brand - Brief

I decided to write out a physical brief for the practical element of COP3. This way, it would give me a clearer sense of direction, and I could work with it just like a studio brief, as appose to something off a written element. I took the important parts of theory that I wanted to include and integrated them into the brief so I constantly knew what my end goal would be. See brief below via issuu;


The brief is a complete re-brand of environmental organisation, Greenpeace. The brand will be built up from using specific subconscious Branding and Advertising techniques discovered throughout the written element of the module, particularly using the theories of Vance Packard, in targeting the consumer’s (our target audience’s) hidden needs and desires through selling them back their insecurities.

These techniques must be applied to the Greenpeace brand with the intentions of the brand becoming globally ubiquitous and a leading force in Activism. This will be done by analysing the current brand and changing elements using the specific techniques as an experiment to see if an environmental organisation could possibly gain more success by using similar types of branding methods to what modern global corporations and totalitarian regimes do.

Background / Considerations

Greenpeace is an International non-governmental, environmental organisation, which focuses on trying to solve world-wide issues such as global warming, deforestation, toxic pollution and anti-nuclear issues. As the organisation is global, the brand must reflect this in being universally clear.

The Audience is global so that design cannot be appropriate for only a certain demographic of people and it certainly cannot be trend led. It has to work universally and be as timeless as possible, bearing in mind it is Propaganda based.
The logo and brand must have religious qualities, linking to theories in the written element, and must be able to be recognised globally as well as working at various sizes from small to super-large scale.

Mandotory Requirements
- Constant Blogging of Research and Development.
- Final Outcomes constructed and Photographed.
- Concept and Presentation Boards - Evaluation 

- Core Brand (to be used on a global scale)
- Brand Guidelines (Book Format)
- Brand application through a variety of products to be used by the masses such as Uniforms, Transport,     Web and Print solutions
- Web and Social Media solutions to connect with the masses.
- A Series of Propaganda material including Posters and a DIY Pack


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