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OUGD501 - COP - Publication Mock-Ups & Binding Method

Mock-Up (1)

I needed to create some mock-ups in order to get a solid idea of how it will look physically. Because i'm using lots of different sized pages and leaves in my layout, I needed to get a feel for this before solidifying the designs ready to print.

I split the publication into three main sizes which was based on the standard A5, A4 and A3 dimensions. They will be printed on these sized paper and then cropped to slightly smaller when printed.

I decided the layout of my publication using my previous plan of action. I quickly sketched where certain elements will sit and what pages will be placed where which gave me a really clear idea when moving my designs into the final layout ready for print.

You can see from the images above the (very) rough layout ideas and format the publication will take. I'm happy with this as a starting point now to start pulling together all the previous designs I had created into solid layouts. 

Binding Pins

For the bind of the publication, I really wanted to use metal binding pins and had this vision in my head from the very beginning. I feel that this bind will directly relate to the look, style and format of my publication. The main concept was for the publication to appear to be a large case report which will literally have a folder cover wrapped around it, different pieces of stock and sizes that can be added to or taken away, using the metal pins, which can easily be taken away and placed back in. 

I really like the idea that the publication is a mis-match of different articles, piece of text and imagery on different pieces of stock. I think it is very symbolic of social networks and in particular facebook. There are pop ups and different things pushed at you from all different angles. I think this bind will help me achieve what i wanted in created a version of the internet in flat printed format. 

Mock Up (2)

I created a second mock up which was very much testing the different stocks which was planning on using as well and how they would work within the chosen binding method. I decided to use two sets of metal clips to get a much tighter bind than if I was using one. This made sense because A3 was my biggest sized piece of stock and one pin holding that would be much too flimsy. This is why I went for two in the end. 

You can see here how the metal binding pins will sit with the stock. I will measure up each piece of paper i'm usually precisely before then created the holes using a hole punch and then these can easily be fastened together with the stock. 

This shows how the pages will work in motion throughout the publication. I realised that using this bind means that there is a significantly large margin on the left hand side, where a lot of the stock will sit but not be able to be seen because of the bind. 

To get around this problem, I will create a 4cm margin on the left hand side of each page. This will mean that nothing in the design area will be hidden by the bind.

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