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OUGD501 - COP - Final Publication (Digital)

Final Publication 

This is a digital mock-up of how the publication will look when printed. The largest sections of stock are around A3 in size, with the other two main sizes stepping down to A4 and A5. It was difficult to create this as a publication because of these sizes. I couldn't just create it in Indesign as a normal book. I  instead created three separate documents and a vague grid system which I followed, so I could see the gutters, margins and crop points for each piece to sit in.

I will then split each page into separate documents front and back, and print these seperatly. I will be a much longer process than just printing a normal booklet through Indesign, but I feel that the finished result will be worth it.

I had to just digitally mock up how the pages will link with each other so I could see that I hadn't made any mistakes and also to give me and idea of how they will look when placed on top of each other inside the publication. Here is the finished result with the pages starting from the closed folder flipping through the book to the last page...

Front Cover


Page 2 & 3

Page 4 & 5

Page 6 & 7

Page 8 & 9 

Page 10 & 11

Page 12 & 13

Page 14 & 15

Page 16 & 17

Page 18 & 19

Page 20 & 21

Page 22 & 23

Page 24 & 25

Back Cover 

I am well on the way now with these. I can print them as a double sided page separately because of the bind I am using which makes it a little bit easier. I've printed around half of the publication so it shouldn't be too difficult to get the other half done. 

the use of different stocks really alters the appearance of the publication so this digital representation isn't really accurate. Once I have completed the prints I can compile to the book and then get some really nice studio photographs of it to give a better representation. 

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