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OUGD501 - COP - Initial Printing / Binding

Today I managed to get the majority of my publication printed. It proved difficult because I was using three different sized pieces of paper (A5, A4 & A3). This meant that I couldn't just print it straight from publication as one booklet. I had to pretty much print each page separately...

For each page when designing, I created a 3 cm margin on the left hand side which I then had to score and fold which will make it easier to interact with when reading the publication. Here you can see how I did it with the A5 pages. 

To create the holes I had to measure up the size of each piece of paper. I started with the A5 and worked out how to get the holes precisely in the middle. I then just simply used a hole punch where my markings where and attached these in  

You can see here how the two Acco fasteners are applied to the a5 peieces of paper to bind them together. 

 I did the same with the larger sections of the publication. I measured out the markings by aligning all the pages with the bottom left of each page. This will be how the publication will sit together. 

You can see how i've scored all the pieces with a 3cm margin. This creates a crease which makes it all easier to interact with when trying to read. The A5 pages fit snugly on top of the A4 with overlap. 

Finally, The A3 was added in the same fashion to complete the booklet.

Final Layout 

This is roughly how the final publication will look. It's still missing some elements that have yet to be printed. There are various acetate sections and some other type elements that i've not had chance to print yet. This will be done over the next few days. For now, heres the publication so far, It's starting to take shape now...

this is how the front will appear. There will also be a large folder which will fit around the whole publication. This will act as a front cover but also look as though it's a case report, which is the prominent look that i was going for. 

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