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OUGD505 - What Is Good - Way finding / Iconography Research

Here are a few more examples of how way finding, type and colour can work in the environment. 

Big and Bold is effective. If in doubt, go big with the number of what floor your on or even the text to go with it. 

A Nice little way of laying the information out. This would be great for something that isn't there permanently or is always changing. As you can se, the squares just clip on and off the wall at will. 

Nice use of just using paint around corners and section of a building to show information. 

Just a nice way of making something stand out. Playing with perspective and shape and placement. This works really well on the transparent glass. 

Again, bold, simple, to the point. Great use of bright colour on the white backdrop. 

Really innovative solution. Start thinking about all the surface areas around you, not just walls and how something can lead someone in a certain direction across the floor or even up steps in this case. 

One of my favourites. Again, something a little bit different, using this elongated sign as oppose to printing onto a wall. 

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