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OUGD505 - What Is Good - Research - Iconography

I thought it was wise to research into exsisting iconography before I go away to create my own. It is important that any icons or pictograms that are used make instant impact and are easy to understand. clear and concise is the main focus before looking aesthetically pleasing.

Some of the icons i'll have to create are :-

A Film Reel (cinema)
Toilet Signs  (male and female)
Bar Sign (drinks / glasses)
Restaurant / Cafe (knife and fork)
Shop (bag)
Ticket Office (ticket stub)
Museum (something that represents old film)
Hall (trophy)

When designing the full set of icons, It's important to consider a consistent style. They have to work as a set as well as individually and this can be created by using the same line weight, simplicity or complexity of the icon itself as well as a consistent colour. Heres some of my favourite examples;-

Icons that can work large scale, but also at a very small scale are effective. 

These are very simple icons that use solid shapes filled in and also similar weight of lines which keeps a nice consistency about them. 

This is the kind of visual style that I would want to go for. It's extremely simple but I love the mix of bold weight of lines with parts filled in colour. I also think icons always work better one colour over another. (this case the white on bright orange background). I also like the curved edges of these. 

A Similar style to previous. These are stunning. Very simple, so effective. 

 I really like the simplicity of these again. The film camera one is very relevant to what i'm doing. 

Again good use of negative space and one colour. I like the look of the Ticket Stubs on this one. 

excellent food icons. menus etc.

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