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OUGD505 - What Is Good - Map / Wayfinding Research

Maps / Plans

I started to collect different maps that are used for events and exhibitions as visual research for my own. I wanted to create a map that stood out and was also really easy to understand. My festival will be half cinema / half exhibition so I need to create room for small cinema screens (at least 3 or four) and then the layout for the rest of the festival...


The Tate Map is a perfect example of a stand out but easy to understand map. I love the fact that it's 3 dimensional showing the layout of the building and including the stairs and elevators etc. In my eyes, a style like this works much much better than a flat over the top view. However, an over the top view works well sometimes when looking at the different floors, so maybe a combination of the two, like used here would be perfect. 

Iconography and numbered / colour coded sections is also really important when making information easier to understand. I will need to create a full set of pictograms for my festival way finding and maps and 

These simple boxes with the escalator icons show each floor of the tate in a very basic, easy to understand fashion, that is also really effective. 

Another map here takes a similar layout to that of the tate. simple but really effective. I particularly like the lifts and steps on t his one. 

another approach, very simple but taking a bird eye view look. This isn't as interactive as the 3d version but still does the job sufficiently. Not as visually pleasing though, so maybe i'll stay clear of this style. Colour Coding areas again works well though. 

This is a really nice approach. I hadn't thought about the map actually being part of the wall environment but in this case it works really well. The different sections have been broken apart and spread out and the lines of text help reassure which areas hold which things. 

Another way of showing the map in the environment at a 3D level. 

I love this one, one of my favourites. The colours effectively disect each floor and the perspective is great as well as the clean lines and lettering. 

London City Map

Obviously on a much larger scale than what I plan but these hold a lot of detail so need to be simplified and do this well. The colour coding works really effectively to show the rivers water roads and buildings. 

This is the way-finding for Bristol City Museum. Again, this is really effective using the 3d layered sections like the tate which is probably the most effective method i've seen . It is also colour coded into different sections.

Just another example of how the map has been used in the environment again with the chosen colour scheme, use of numbers and pictograms. 

A really clever way of showing the map in a 3D way. Using built up sections to represent different areas of the building. Harder to create, but very effective. 

Simple layout, brilliant simple colour scheme. 

Text Signage 

A few examples of how colour, numbers and type is used to separate each floor of the building and to guide people to where they need to be. 

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