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OUGD505 - What Is Good - Projection Research

From the concept crit, it was noted that i should focus more on the idea of projection to relate both to film and also to keep costs low in a festival environment. Projection could be used for wayfinding systems as well as part of the exhibition and of course the films!

Distorted Type, Through Projection. Researching into how projection can be used to promote and display the festival not just to show the films. 

Zoom French Film

Zoom is a French Film Festival and is the only Festival I have seen which really hones in on the 'projection' theme. 

Building Projection.

Distorted Type, Through Projection. Researching into how projection can be used to promote and display the festival not just to sow the films. 

BYOB ( Bring Your Own Beamer)

BYOB - Bring Your own Beamer is an exhibition where artists can bring there own projector and display their artwork through this medium. This is a great idea because it is cost effective, it can be displayed in any space easily and at no extra cost. It is easy to transport around the country or world and it also brings art from different creative backgrounds and displays it all in the same medium to give some sort of organisation but also to give a broad range of talent on display. 


I've been really into anamorphic design in particular typography for quite some time but never really had the confidence or time to really give it a go. I think if I can research further into it, it seems pretty easy to achieve with a projector and paint or tape. With a little bit more research and practice, this could easily be achievable for this project. 

Projection in Way finding 

Just some examples of how projection has been used for way-finding and exhibition. I didn't manage to find too many good examples so will have to do some further research. 

General Wayfinding & Maps

Really nice idea of cutting into the material used for wayfinding systems. This could be then used as another purpose to shine light through and project. Ideas!

Interesting Placement and use of floor and wall space. Something a little bit different, grabs attention and is a different way of communicating information for a certain purpose. 

This is really cool and relates to my theme of keeping costs down. Cutting the design into the material to create a hinge for the signage. 

Working the signage into the environment. This is a really cool idea to show what is on which floors through the steps used to get there. Simple but effective. 

Good use of type round corners, leading a person around to something. 

Cardboard Wayfinding - Cost-Effective & Ethical.

Really nice, simple clean  type. to the point.  from the barbican gallery signage. 

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