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OUGD505 - Anamorphic Typography / Installation Research

I decided to research further into Anamorphic typography and the ways I could achieve this when moving into production...

Video Documentation


I found this interesting video on Youtube or somebody who had documented their attempts. It seemed simple enough. I had an idea that it was simply done with a projector, then masking tape over the areas, but this proves how simple it really is. The 'warped' illusion is created when the light hits the wall depending on where the projection is placed, so when this is painted over,the same effect applies to what the projector would create. Simple Enough...

MMTV // Jake Stone

Another one I found for MMTV magazine and the Jake Stone Issue. This doesn't really show how it was done but shows how the effect works. Good effort!

Union Jack

This is a stop motion of an anamorphic Union Jack which is amazing. I'm guessing it was created in the same way, by projecting the image then pencil drawing where the areas need to go, then applying the tape. I'm not looking to make something on this scale, but it would be cool. Something smaller no doubt to get my idea across.

Up Close Detail, In Context...


This is a much better video at showing the process using a projector, and much more along the lines of what I would want to create. It doesn't seem too difficult. It just need to be dark enough to get the initial markings with the tape, and also looks fairly time consuming, but this is okay. I could probably get it done within a day, hopefully with a willing assistant.

It's More Than Just Type

This is an amazing example down a corridor. I'd love to make something like this but this would be majorly time consuming and also would be hard to get hold of a space to do this for free. I would also have to take it down straight away which is a little bit annoying if I spend a week on it. Something on a smaller scale is more appropriate for me, but this is inspirational.

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