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Design Production - Mutton Quad - Further Branding Research

Iv'e started to look further into the branding of the Restaurant across other fields, in particular, items such as aprons, food and other stationary as well as the Interior & Exterior of the Restaurant. 

___Fat Cow 

I really like this idea of etching into the wood and can find this may fit really well in with my theme already. I think that I will give this process a go in order to push the branding into different methods to see what results I could possibly achieve. 

____Mercado 1143

Starting to think more about interior and exterior of the Restaurant and how the products interact with their environment. I could possibly expand the design into products and placement. 

Classic Burger joint Branding 

This is useful to look at more interior of the Restaurant and how the brand can be portrayed throughout.  Signage is something else that could be a possibilty. For instance, the 'No Smoking' sign in the image above links in well with the whole brand of the business. 

Dear Me Brasserie

Here, you can see how the branding and colour can be portrayed throughout a larger product range. You can also see how the colour interacts with the eating environment, which is something else to consider.  

Nonna Rossa

This Branding I found for Nonna Rossa is very useful for inspiration on stuff to mock up. I didn't think of some things such as the clothing and van. this could help reassure the brand across more platforms and give a more realistic interpretation of how it might function in the real world.

Reuben Hills

Possibly across coffee cups, signage and food products? 

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