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OUGD504 - Study Task Two - Colour For Print

Using examples of design for branding & identity, packaging & promotion, publishing & editorial, information & wayfinding explore the following colour systems: 

CMYK (process)
Spot Colour (2 or more)
Monochrome & Tints (solid colour and half-tone)

Branding & Identity

CMYK Branding

Green, Yellow, CMYK Branding

Red Blue, CMYK Branding

Pink/Purple Gradient, CMYK Branding

Spot Colour 

Spot Yellow

Spot Green

Spot Yellow

Spot Blue

Mint Green Spot Colour

Monochrome & Tints

Red ink on Yellow Stock

Halftone Photography used in Branding

Black on white & Brown Paper Stock

Monotone Blue on white 

Packaging & Promotion


Black, Pink, Green, Blue. CMYK Packaging

CMYK Fruit Juice Packaging

CMYK Foil Packaging 

Spot Colour

Spot Orange & Red Tubes

Spot Pink Cartons

Spot Red 

Monochrome & Tints

Black Packaging with Tints

Monochrome (Black) Printed Packaging

Monochrome (Black) Print with tints

Publishing & Editorial 


CMYK Publication

CMYK Printed Books

CMYK Gradients

CMYK Basketball Publication

Spot Colour

Spot Neon Pink on CMYK Print & White

Spot Neon Yellow on White

Spot Red on White

Spot Yellow & Black on White

Spot Neon Pink on CMYK print on White Stock

Spot Pink

Spot Neon Yellow over Monotone Black on White Print

Monochrome & Tints

Blue Risograph Montone Publication

Monochrome Black print on Green Stock

Monochrome Blue on White

Risographed Monotone Blue printed on Grey stone Stock

Risograph monotone Green

Information & Wayfinding


CMYK - New York Subway Guide

CMYK Tube Map

CMYK Exit Wall Decal


Spot Colour

Orange Spot Colour

Red Spot Colour

Spot Pink - London Olympics

Spot Orange, Barbican Arts Centre 

Monotone & Tints

 Monotone Black with Yellow Lighting 

Monotone (Black & Grey) on Lit Background

Montone - Black on Grey Stone

Monotone Black and White Photogrpahic

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