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Lecture 8 - Creative Rhetorics

Renzo Rosso introducing ways of talking about creativity. 

He talks about his practice base begining. He also talks about what is your best ideas and he always says it's your next one. 

Be stupid, use the heart not the head. Creativity is a knowledge-obtaingin activity. 

In on sense we can consider him as a romantic genious. 

He also methioned wokring in teams. He discusses the creative process at diesel at being very collaberative.

Think about our ancenstry. Focusing on Plato's problems with creativity. 

Art and creativity is merely a technical skill. He was denying the creativity's knowledge producing creativity. He said it was a physical activity and not a mental one. 

Popular view in histories of art that western civilistation begins with the ancient greeks. 

There is an interesting critique of this which suggested that western civilatsaiton has deep rots in afro carribean societies. Middle East, Northern Arfica and Egypt. 

3 Stages of classification of GK Art. 

Rigid statue pose, not very natural where as the one on the right looks more realistic, expressing the motion of the life. It was striving to imitate nature in a better way. 

Romant  Art - Essentially in the impreial period they was just copying the Greeks. They thought that the Greeks reached some sort of ideal standard which cannot be surpassed so the only thing to do is to study greeks and their art. 

Romanticism defined the role of the artist as creative genius. 

Romanticism defined the role of the artist as creative genius. 

Romantic model of the artsit empowers the artist and creativity. 

To illustrate this is John Hegarty who talks about creativity. 

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