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When designing my own website there is a few key elements that I have noticed in most of my favourite sites I have found along the way. I aim to highlight and pick out a few on websites that I think work well so I can use this as influence and a starting point to move forward with y own designs...

Full Screen Imagery 

I really like the use of photographic imagery that spans across the full screen. I think this is a striking way to get the users attention and also makes for a really clean looking design when used in the right context. i think it works particularly well in Rapha's autumn winter lookbook and the design for the Yacht Club Bolesławiec which are displayed above.

Limited Colour Palette 

I think that a limited colour palette  more than likely always works better. The website for balder is just black and white but we can see how it works. It looks sleek, contemporary and above all professional.

I think that black and white websites tend to generally work the best but also with a little bit of colour works great in some cases. 

This website again uses a limited colour palette of white, black and blue. The images  have been edited to fit in with the two tone style and this works great. Makes the website much easier to look at and navigate with nothing too much in your face but clean, concise design. 

Concise Layout

I like websites that stick to grid and have a clean concise layout. It's aesthetically pleasing as well as being practical and easy to follow and read. Here are a couple of websites that I believe have a really good solid structure which makes it easy to navigate as well as bing initially stroking and visually appealing.

Collected Web Design

Here are some other bits of web design which I have stumbled across and happend to like in some way or other. These will serve as inspiration too. 

The bright blue colour for the background helps the website stand out and keeps the users attention for longer than 5 second. The information is stripped down and laid out in an interesting way which is also more interactive where the user can click  

Nice use of black and white with accents of colour. Grid layout is imminent and the sections are moveable adding more usability to the website and also making it more intriguing for the user. 

Clean layouts. work well. 

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