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I decided to look into some websites surrounded my subject so I can get a feel for what is currently available out there on the market. I'm not sure if I want to take influence from these websites or try and break the conventions.

US Open Website

I'm not a big fan of the layout of this website. I think it's really standard which is good in a usability kind of sense but bad in interactivness and enjoyment for the user. I visit this website occasionally just because of the content but the design doesn't really do anything for me. The colour scheme is consistent which is good because it relates back to the theme of the website but then again, I think that the fewer colours used, the better in most cases. A more minimalist colour scheme would definitely make the design look better and also make the feel of the website flow better.  

The nav bar at the top is easy to use and the link are categorised under each button which is good for usability especially when there is lots of content. 

Wimbledon Website

The design of the Wimbledon website works much better than the U.S. Open in my opinion. I really like the minimalist colour scheme of the two colours of the logo with the white text overlapping. Another great feature is the use of the large images in the background. This works really well when designing for web as well as editorial work. The boxes of  information are laid out in a structured and uncluttered fashion with easy access to navigation. There is also not heaps of information which you wouldn't bother to read. There is just the right amount in order to not get board on the site. 

BBC Sport Tennis 

Initially, The BBC Sport Website doesn't look too bad. It has some nice features at the top of the page. The limited colour palette of yellow, black and white and the top navigation is really easy to use. I also quite like the big bold white block with black type over the images because it shows the latest stories and it's to the point which is what you need with a sports news channel. 

However, when you go further down the page, things start to get a little bit confusing. There is three main columns with sub columns in these. There is pieces of text everywhere and it's hard to follow with your eyes or even know where to look. The images also look cluttered and there is no organisation to the website at all. Definitely something that I will be staying clear of. 

Sky Sports

I don't mind the design of the Sky Sports Tennis website because it does the job. It's really easy to navigate using the bar at the top. The sections are structured and layed out neatly with bold titles to keep it simple and to the point. Use of imagery again in the background tends to work well. Theres quite a simple colour scheme used with limited use of unnecessary imagery. 

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