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This is a magazine which i have a few editions of now called the 'SHOPPINGHOUR MAGAZINE'. The magazine is basically about art, philosophy, poetry and critical theory whilst also keeping around the theme of contemporary life and culture. I'ts really interesting both content-wise and design-wise.

In this case, i'm looking at the design and layout of the book as inspiration for my modernist publication.

Here are some images i took of various elements that i like within the book...

Simple Layout. good combination of text and image and text layering over image. Really like this style. It's simple, but works. 

Again the back simple, clean and flawless. The typeface is RaisonnĂ©  a contemporary, sans-serif typeface. 

White text layered over a dark image works really well and the text vertically down the sides keep the book consistent and is a nice touch. It's easy to keep track when your flicking through and sholding the book by it's sides. 

Column type and grid. 

Parts of the book are in the style of risograph print which is something else that I have been seeing quite a lot of recently. It's a nice contemporary style and keeps the magazine looking fresh.

Bold colours with white type layered over work well against the plain white background. Not sure a out the off angle text though, another thing which is popular wit this sort of style but i can't see it working. 

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