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Final Crit Feedback & my comments on this

What is the publication trying to communicate?

The concept has been put across well from the comments i have recieved. My audience have seemed to grasp the idea of the publication which is the representation and ideologies of modern architectures in cult classic films. 


They have noticed that there is a clear modernist style aesthetic and have said this is relevant and really works for the purpose of the publication. 


It was mentioned that a brief film synopsis of each film could be a benefit but they have also put in brackets (this isn't relevant if its targeted at film students or fanatics.)

How is the format of the publication relevant to the content?


They have noticed my reasoning for the newspaper format and respected it. "The newspaper is a relevant. reference to print techniques and type and grid system of modernism. Large scale allows for large amount of content that is included in the publication, but also with enough room for blank space which also follows the modernist theme."


It was hard to judge the format because i only presented a mock-up smaller version. "Can't wait to see it as a newspaper!"

Comment on the practical, conceptual and/or symbolic consideration of colour?


- Very colourful but respectfully so. 
- One colour per page theme works well.
- Colour keeps the publication interesting. 


- Some of the blues look to be a little dark (this could be due to the inkjet printer)
- Black on introduction page may bleed through to front cover. 

I'm really happy that they critiques appreciated the colour co-ordinated sections for each film and that they agreed with myself that it makes the publication interesting and work well as a consistent theme. 

I'm slightly concerned with the black bleeding though to the front cover. This wasn't something that I considered and overlooked when making the publication. It is now went off so i will just have to see how it goes. Fingers crossed. 

Who is the target audience?

" Designers / Creatives / Architects / Film Fanatics

People interested in modern architecture, cinema or in fact them both combined. Or designers and people who like well put together, contemporary publications."

I'm happy with this response. The target audience seems to be who i had in mind too, so i'm glad that this translates well through the publication. 

Assuming the role of audience, what is you reaction to the publication? 

"wow, this publication perfectly suits me as the target audience!

Very well designed. Nice use of colour and type and layout. 

Very thorough information that is clear and understandable. 

People may appreciate full colour images of buildings if interested in architecture."

Again, on the whole great feedback. I'm glad the use of colour, type and layout is appreciated for this kind of publication. The comment on the full colour images i'll take on board for future reference but i feel for the aesthetics of this particular publication, it was important for me to use the half-tone to work well with the block colours. 

Do you think this is the intended response?

Newspaper format suits context of publication. It would make more people interested in film. 

What context would this publication be appropriate for?

" An exhibition / Film History Galleries / Memorabilia / Independent Art Shops / Picture Houses (Hyde Park Picture House) / Independent Cinemas / Architecture Shops? / Libraries? / Supplement that comes with an architect magazine or film magazine. "

A good selection of contexts have been covered here which is good. Some of them I had in mind, others not so much which is good to hear a larger variation. I like the idea of maybe a supplement or something bought in a independent art shop cinemas and picture houses. It sort of reminds me of a creative newspaper which is found in places like that as well as bars, shops and clubs recently.

Would it be appropriate to be viewed world-wide?

Yes, for film fans. 

Overall, i am very happy with the feedback, on the whole it is great and there seems to be a lot of interest in my publication. there is a few concerns, mainly over printing issues but i will have to wait and see how that comes out. Fingers crossed. 

Final Crit Feedback Sheets.

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