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OUGD401 // Stereotypes workshop and 5 questions

For this workshop we worked in groups to come up with 10 reasons to what an outlook of a stereotypical student would be. After writing down numerous reasons, we went around the full group to come up with 10 definitive reasons....

  1. Lazy
  2. Drunk
  3. Sociable
  4. Tired
  5. Hungover
  6. Unhealthy
  7. Irresponsible
  8. Promiscuous 
  9. Tax Dodgers
  10. Bad Money Management 
We then ha to go through the list to select how many of these we would consider ourselves to be. 

I scored myself 6/10 on being a stereotypical student. 

We then narrowed the search down to a stereotypical Graphic Design student...

One of the questions we asked was, on a scale of 1-10, how much do you care about your appearance. We tallied the results up and the average score was 7/8 showing that a typical Graphic Design student cares quite a lot about their appearance. This suggests that designers take pride in how they look and that art students are not necessarily the stereotypical scruffy hippies.

After this, we also come to the conclusion that most people would never write down the full 10, which did not have one response. We felt that this showed that even if people cared so much about their appearance, they would never put the full number down because this may make them seem vain. Everyone held back a little bit, in my opinion. 

From all of the questions in the class, we come up with a news set of 10 stereotypes that relate more to Graphic Design Students...

  1. Care about their appearance 
  2. Participate in active social activities and past times. 
  3. Are Straight 
  4. Are Self-Centered
  5. Are Creative 
  6. Would most likely go on a very conventional date
  7. Are mixed gender 
  8. Care what people think about them 
  9. Are quite open and honest 
  10. Come from different backgrounds, with lots of different experiences
The results seem to be more positive than the typical student questions but some are just obvious responses.  From this we can see a typical stereotype for both students and design students. 

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