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Some initial modernistic designs i have fond online just to give me an idea and inspiration to the style of my publication...

This is really relevant because it has the image of the architecture on there. 

I looked further into modernist layout designs to get inspiration before i take to design sheets...

Classic simple layouts with splashed of colour work really well. 

Bold helvetica is just classic, works particularly well layered over bright colours, somehing else which i want to include in my publication. 

Black and white threshold effect on the buildings here layered with coloured type is relevant to the content of my publication. I don't really like this though, but its a concept. 

Another idea i had was to add colour over the half-toned images. This always works well when layered with bold modernist sans serif type. It oozes modernism, especially in the grid layout. 

Really like this. It's a design for a stamp, but the colours and placement of type work classically well. 

The geometric line shapes are also something i could maybe link in with the architecture theme. 

This is an info-graphic but i love the colours of this. 

Another classic layout technique that just works!

Vintage architecture/interior design is a massive influence for me during this project. I keep coming across publications and advertisements like the one above which are beautifully designed in the modernist movement. 

Juxtaposition and hierarchy of type. 

Colour coding is key when working on this project. 

I have some clear concepts and inspiration from where i want to take this project visually and how i can best represent the content throughout. 

I'll move onto design sheets to settle on some clear design ideas and format. 


The clearest idea for me at the moment is to create a newspaper. This seems logical because architects design on large sheets of newsprint and blueprints so it just seems logical. A big space would work well with the large type and clock colours as well as the images of classic films and architecture...

Here is some inspiration on the newspaper front...

The colour over this images works really well and would relate to my theme. 

I really like the layout of this as a context or introduction page. 

I really love these newspapers by Meteos Caria

The use of type overlaid onto large scale block colours works amazingly well. The use of half-toned imagery and colour also is really aesthetically pleasing for me personally and also would relate to the images of buildings and modernist guidelines. 

I love the simplicity of this riso-graph style newspaper by Mari Kalsness

The limited colour palette of one colour, in this case red can really enhance the visual quality of a publication. 

These vintage inspired newspaper promotion and advertisements by Lacoste are a massive inspiration for me. Such a clever and unique way of promoting. Again the burst of green colour works tremendously. 


Again, colour coded block colour and imagery working brilliantly in these Lura newspapers by

Lovely little layout too!

Screening onto used newspapers! Great idea!

This is not very relevant but it's amazing! so i had to get it on my blog. 

Pop Up Shop by ACUR

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