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I came across some things for 'Walk To Work'. So i thought this may be an interesting thing to focus on fo rthe designs of my stamps. I thought it would be better than just sticking to your bog standard recycling campaigns and may be more interesting for people to see on a stamp and actually want to do it.

here is some research and imagery i found on 'Walk To Work'...

I found that a few businesses and organisations have tried a 'walk to work' day so maybe i can link this into my idea. Most of the design for ideas like this i have come across is pretty bad. I do like the first logo of the man though, but i was thinking i may focus on footwear. Workplace Footwear.

I found this online and realised that the British Walk to Work official Week this year will be on the 14-18 May. I was thinking i could link in my stamps to this by creating a et of stamps for the week and also promotional material...

Walk to Work Week 2012 will be taking place on the 14 to 18 May 2012 as part of theGreat British Walking Challenge.

Make sure that you join the thousands of employees across the UK who will be walking to, from and during work as part of one of the healthiest workplace challenges around. You can sign up your workplace for free on our My Living Streets website; where you and your colleagues will be able to log your miles, minutes and steps walked and see individual as well as collective totals of miles walked, calories burnt and potential carbon dioxide savings.
We'll be sending out more information over the coming months in the run up to the challenge so make sure you keep checking back or keep up to date with our eBulletin.

 As i decided to go down the route of illustrating different footwear from different workplaces, i did some more research into this. I needed at least six easily recognisable kinds of shoe that you would instantly relate to a job. Here is some research i did into that to try and match the shoes with the jobs...

Caterpillar Boots - Builders 

Brogues - Business Men

Stilettos - Business Women 

Wellies - Farming

Running Shoes - Sports 

Converse - Laidback / Creative

Desert boots / Laidback Proffesional

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